Harley-Inspired Blocks

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For all you motorcycle enthusiasts out there with little tykes in the house, how about upgrading those basic wooden ABC blocks with a quick trip out to the garage recycling bin?


As promised, here’s my favorite version of the make-your-own-blocks project that I featured yesterday. And truthfully, this color scheme was the first one I imagined once I decided to make these blocks.  There was something about the shape of those empty metal cans in my recycling bin that reminded me of the exhaust pipes of a Harley.

And so the wheels started turning … and I scoured for chrome paint … and then I found something even better:


That’s right, kids. Diamond-plate vinyl.  *Swoon*

Buying a roll of this amazing stuff was technically a cheat for Thrive projects, but a certain grandpa sent a roll our way as part of Christmas.  (Thank you!)

I used the same simple process from this post to easily turn empty food cans into colorfully, eco-friendly toys with some serious moxy.


Recognize that star?  A little diamond-plate vinyl applied over my disposable baking sheet stars yielded some matching ornaments that makes me wish my entire tree was covered with biker stars and a leather studded tree skirt.


As always, this project is perfect for rocking what ya got: house paint, spray paint, craft paint … whatever. And even though I fell in love with the diamond-plate vinyl, regular chrome spray paint looked amazing, too. Personalized details like the letters and flame decals can be applied with a stencil …


… or paint pens …  or even regular vinyl.

So have fun with this idea and be sure to post your block sets in Thrive’s Flickr album or on our Facebook page.



Special thanks to Dave and the staff at Golden Spike Harley-Davidson for letting me get up close and personal with the inspiration for this project! Your selection, gear and customer service rocks. Check them out here.

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  1. These are so stinkin cool!!! I love the idea, and that diamond-plate vinyl is really great. Thanks for sharing - I love the Harley theme!

  2. There's a surprise waiting for you on my blog :)


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  3. I just can't stop thinking about these since I saw them yesterday.

  4. I featured this on my blog today!


  5. This has nothing to do with your Harley blocks, but I just wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU for driving clear down and coming to Pier 1. You're darling and genuine and I loved meeting you!


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