Damask Mod Podge Easter Eggs

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My quest to bring Spring to the freakishly red upstairs continues.

Today’s attempt:  Make An Easter Tree


Or as I like to call it, “One last holiday display from my ready-to-retired stick tree that keeps hanging around.” (See it for other holidays here and here).

But as soon as I drug out those bright plastic eggs and saw just how violently they clashed with the walls, I immediately switched tactics:


Plan B: I’ll just paint them.

Except as it turns out, I didn’t have spray paint in the colors I wanted … and craft paint isn’t on speaking terms with plastic …


so I dug through the left-over birthday stuff and improvised.


Paint + Podge + left over gift bag tissue =

Easter eggs that play nice with red


And these were so easy to make:

Glue eggs together … paint a base coat to match tissue paper …

April 2011 BLOG1

… mog podge tissue paper to eggs … let dry and swoon.

A small loop of clear thread hot glued to the top finishes these little babies off.


Of course then you could skip the loops altogether for display on a bookcase or coffee table.

Other than wanting a few more eggs to fill in the bare spots on my Easter tree …


… I’m loving my red-friendly Easter tree with the beautiful damask print and bright teal pop.





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  1. I have a little tree that I was looking for Easter decor to hang on it and that is a great idea!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Nike,
    K, those damask eggs are just awesome!!

  3. Swoon !! You are the queen of recycling/upcycling :)

  4. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  5. I love damask!! and those eggs look amazing:)

  6. I'm not even gonna say it, you already know!!!!!! : )

  7. Fabulous idea-the damask eggs are divine!!

  8. Great idea! My mind is spinning with all the tissue paper possibilities in my wrapping paper stash. And how liberating to make easter suit your decor rather than the other way 'round. It looks good against all the freakish redness :).

  9. How cute! I love your finished project - I'm sorry you had a fail, but I love the outcome :D

  10. Very cute...and now I am off to vote :O)

  11. I love it! And I love the turquoisey blue against your red!

  12. These turned out very pretty - - and a great fit with your red wall. I'm thinking I should check the tissue paper stash over here - - would love to fill a little hurricane with them.

    Thanks for sharing! I'm visiting from CSI.

  13. They look beautiful, I do love the damask one!

  14. Dont cha just love how something better comes out of failure? Love the idea--would work great with the pieces of tissue that are crumpled--I mean well loved

  15. Love the contrast between the blue and the black/white damask! Also loved that you posted your "fail"!

  16. That frame behind the tree looks awesome! It "frames" the tree perfectly. Love the blue and damask. Beautiful!


Thanks so much for the comment love! I do cartwheels when I read each one. Well, I imagine my pre-pregnancy self doing cartwheels, but you get the idea ...