Easter Basket … from a busted sock bin!

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Do you have any of those lattice bins from the dollar store?

They last a year or so and then split and break, right?

Time to toss it, right?


WAIT! Don’t Toss That!

With some scissors, hot glue …


… and some scrap paper strips …


… you can transform that broken sock bin into this:


A sweet little basket perfect for hunting down those eggs.


Want to make your own?

I cut apart my bin with kitchen shears and trimmed the two long sides …


… and attached them to each other with hot glue. For extra strength I wrapped a few sections with tape.


(I only used floral tape since my scotch tape had mysteriously vanished. Clear tape really is the way to go here.)

To make the base of the basket, I cut a circle out of cardboard …


… and covered it with left over tissue paper and Mod Podge.

100_6537(You can use anything to cover the base: wrapping paper, cardstock, fabric, paint, etc.) 

Hot glue the bottom edge of the lattice around the base and trim the sides so that they line up. Glue sides together with hot glue and secure with clear tape.


Make strips to weave through the lattice from paper, ribbon, fabric, etc.


Weaving is simple and will bring out your inner 2nd grade artist: over, under, over under, over, under. Secure strips in place with glue.


Making the handle is a snap.

I used left over white plastic from the sides of the bin, hot glued them together …

April 2011 BLOG4

… then glued the handles to the inside of the basket and covered it with a scrap of paper.

And just for fun, I wrapped a few scraps of paper around the top of the handle to cover the glue together pieces. No biggie.

Done and done.

That sad, busted sock bin yields a cute little basket just waiting to be filled grass or tissue paper and lots of EGGS!

April 2011 BLOG3

So whether your Spring weather calls for an egg hunt inside …


… or out side …


have fun hunting for eggs!

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  1. Wow Nike what cool way to recycle! This is such a neat idea, but then again I say that about all your ideas!

    Check out my post on paper weaving!

  2. ps just voted 4 ya! good luck!

  3. What a smarty you are - I plan on using this concept in my RV. Weight and storage is an issue for us full-timers. And what a way to save money...


  4. Your creativity blows my mind! THat is amazing! Well done!

  5. This is way awesome, to bad mine are to old for the hunt now...well gotta wait for grandchildren and keep those broken bin ;o)! I admire your creativity!

  6. If I had an award you would be crowned Miss Craftypants. I would NEVER have thought of that. What a creative use of something I would call trash. And on Earth Day too. Amazing!

  7. you're kinda the smartest person I know.
    every time I read one of your posts, I'm more convinced you are a genius.
    Happy Easter to you smart lady!

  8. My word You are a genius!!

  9. wow this is awesome! This makes me want to break my sock bin so I can make one!

  10. So darn cute! You are so clever!

  11. I think all of your ideas are GREAT! I sure wish I had your imagination when it comes to crafts...but I guess that's why I have you to copy!! :)

  12. That turned out wonderfully! What a great way to be frugal and super cute :)

  13. Nike, really absolutley genius. You have amazing eyes to see things with potential. I so enjoy your blog. Happy late Easter to you blog friend.

  14. OMGosh....you are SOOO creative. Beautiful and smart.


Thanks so much for the comment love! I do cartwheels when I read each one. Well, I imagine my pre-pregnancy self doing cartwheels, but you get the idea ...