Holiday THRIVE: Brandi from Don’t Disturb This Groove

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Hey there Thrive readers!! I’m Brandi and I blog over at Don't Disturb This Groove.
I write about handmade projects, makeovers and a recipe here and there.
November 2011 BLOG-1
I like finding creative ways to incorporate natural elements into my home.  Which is why I love Nike's, "Rock-What-Ya-Got" approach to living and crafting.
Growing in my yard is a Sweet Gum tree.  Sweet Gum trees produce these prickly little balls (“Sweet Gum fruit”).  Those prickly little balls are everywhere in my yard!  This week  instead of raking them into a pile, I went outside and gathered a bag full to create a wreath.  
To construct my wreath, I started with a simple wreath form purchased for a dollar.
Then using my glue gun, I attached the prickly fruit to the wreath form starting from the inside and working my way out.
Once completed, I attached a saw tooth hanger to the backside, again using my glue gun.
Here it is my friends!
I love the texture of the wreath.
I  kept things simple to focus on the natural beauty of the Sweet Gum fruit.
"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.  It will never fail you". - Frank Lloyd Wright
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!  Happy Holidays everyone!  Thanks so much Nike for having me over!!



You’re so welcome, Brandi! I ADORE how you used natural items from your yard to create this beautiful wreath for the holidays. I’m so pinning this!

Many of you probably know Brandi from around blog land – she’s the wonderfully thoughtful blog visitor leaving heartfelt, genuine comments on some many projects out there. I am constantly encouraged by Brandi’s feedback here on THRIVE and am so not surprised when I see her doing the same for women crafters. And if you haven’t read about her inspiration for her blog title, you need to.

Oh, and did I mention Brandi’s mad crafting skills? No? Seriously … mad.crafting.skills.

Did you see this awesome Pottery Barn Knock off a few days ago?


It’s a Brandi.

Or these gorgeous holiday wreaths from corn husks and bay leafs?

November 2011 BLOG-2

Also Brandi’s.

This chair make-over is one of my favorite projects of Brandi’s ever.

November 2011 BLOG-3

And recipes … oh good heavens. This woman regularly screws up my daily WW points totals. :) She makes evil, terrible, awful things like homemade eggnog … and Good-As-The-Mall Pretzels … and Banana French Toast.


I hope you’ll stop by Don’t Disturb This Groove and say hi to Brandi!

Be back soon to show you a happy little accident … (hehehehe)


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  1. OK, so you know you made me cry right?!?! Like seriously, tears running down my face and snot bubbles! LOL!!! Thank you much for allowing me to participate in my very first guest blog post! You have always been such an inspiration to me and to know that I inspire you makes me really weepy! I am so glad we connected through our blogs and seriously treasure our friendship. Take care my sweet, sweet friend. Hope you and the kids, hubby too, are having a beautiful day!

  2. Brandi always has amazing things going on at her blog. I LOVE this wreath, talk about making lemons into lemonade! It's really great. Thanks for featuring her. :D

  3. Brandi ~ thanks for the info on your guest post, as usual, I am inspired. Nike, I am so glad you invited Brandi to post on your blog, I am loving your philosophy and ideas, I am a new blogger and am so glad I found women like you and Brandi. I got teary eyed when I saw what you did with the chevron wreath and scripture. I will be following you. Be blessed, Summer.

  4. Love the projects!!! So creative and sweet the Sweet Gum is amazing and i adore the chevron chair!

  5. Hi stopping over from DDTG:) I love Brandi! And I absolutely love the wreath, Brandi great job1

  6. Brandi, I often come on over her to Choose to Thrive and read your thoughtful comments to Nike. :) Your projects are simply beautiful and have so much simple class to them. Thank you for sharing these with us and thank you Nike for introducing Brandi to the rest of us.

  7. Love that wreath Brandi!!! You are a sweetheart!! Nice to meet you Nike, and I will following you THRIVE!!!!!

  8. I always love to see what Brandi comes up with. The wreath turned out amazing! I love how you took something from your yard and made it beautiful.

  9. As usual Brandi makes great crafts they are so inspiring!

  10. Brandi, I love those Sweet Gum fruit (although truthfully, I didn't know what they were called until now :) ). Your wreath is lovely and simple. Perfect! I have also noticed your sweet comments on other people's blogs, and your kind personality comes through. Thanks for such a great idea. And thanks for featuring her, Nike!

  11. What a nice surprise to see the guest post by my friend, Brandi! Thank you for featuring her. She's a rock star!

    Brandi, that wreath is AWEsome. We had a sweet gum tree in our back yard in LA and I wish I had thought about using some of those little weapons for something creative like that. Nice job!

  12. Absolutely love the texture of that wreath and yes, Brandi is such a sweet and talented blogger and so encouraging.

  13. Aww Brandi is one of my first blog buddies. She always makes the most beautiful things and has the best recipes. I'm so excited! this is a great guest post. I'm so happy to have found your blog through the sweet and talented Brandi.

  14. That Brandi is such an Artist. I love her and am jealous of her all at the same time.
    Brandi's Friend, m.

  15. Brandi is absolutely awesome and so creative. I love following her blog because she makes things come to life!

  16. That wreath is awesome! My hubby's grandmother has those in her yard. My boys and I may need to take a field trip to collect some this week!

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  18. Couldn't have chosen a better guest poster myself! That wreath is gorgeous (as are all of her others). Great Post! New Follower here!

  19. Awesome guest post! I love the wreath :)New follower.

  20. Oh my goodness!! I am going to the mountains this weekend and I'm coming back with a bag full of "gum balls" like my kids call them! Wonderful wreaths!! Love them! Oh and to Nike, I will be making your travel games for our 19 hour drive to NH. Thanks for the frugal idea!

  21. These are rockin' ideas. I have a sweetgun tree, so I can do that wreath project.


Thanks so much for the comment love! I do cartwheels when I read each one. Well, I imagine my pre-pregnancy self doing cartwheels, but you get the idea ...