Primitive Valentine’s Hearts Door Hanging

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Here’s the latest entry in the unofficial please-help-me-figure-out-what-the-heck-to-put-on-my-door quest.


And for the record, I’m really into the simple, fast projects as of late and this was no different.

I think the start to finish was under thirty minutes with minimal mess.

Want to make your own?

For this project you’ll need:


See? I told you this was simple.

And always I hope you Rock What Ya Got and come up with your own version using whatever you have on hand.

Snip off the heavily curved/bent ends of the hanger and shape it into a primitive heart …


… securing the ends with a few pieces of tape.


You’ll need one hanger for each heart you plan on making.

Then wrap heart (or hearts) with either rag ribbon made from old t-shirts or yarn.

Jan 2012 BLOG-1(Need help making your own t-shirt yarn? Check out this awesome tutorial here.)

Connect hearts with a little hot glue …


… and hang with some jute, ribbon, yarn, or whatever you have lying around.


There you go: easy, simple, DONE.

And while I don’t mind the simple, un-fussy look of just the hearts, I’m thinking a little vinyl could punch the look up just a bit.


What if I cut out letters that looked like this?


Or this?


Maybe something simple like this?


Or softer like this?


What phrase or word would you use?

One of the above, something better or just leave it plain?

Let me know.


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  1. Love your guts. Ahaha so Heidi. I am all for "love is spoken here" personally but any of them would be great!

  2. I love "Love your guts". Unexpected/ironic messages in vinyl just hit some irrationally funny spot for me. But if you are afraid your neighbors may not share your quirky sense of humor, I just like the simple "Love". Great project!

  3. Love is spoken here. Seems to stay it all.

  4. I like just "Love." I think it's too cluttered with anything more, looks busy.

  5. Love is spoken here is good... or Love comes from the Heart. Cute project.

  6. ok, I so made this its my vote for best choice! I made a big 'ole T out of cardboard, covered with twine instead of yarn, made 2 hearts out of hangers..covered with yarn, have them hanging behind the big ole T...adorable! but you know the LOVE one you did is uber cute too!

  7. I love simple. I'm contemplating between the red LOVE burlap (which I'm addicted to right now) door hanging and these simple hearts. For letters, I think I'll do "Love Your Neighbor." Love your blog!!


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