What Not To Toss Weekend: Wrapping Paper Centers

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7 Things to do with wrapping paper centers - choosetothrive.blogspot.com

It’s late. You’ve got a movie on. Or Pandora. And you’re frantically happily wrapping gifts and stashing them away for Christmas.

And then you reach the end of the roll.

And if you’re using cheapie wrapping paper like me, that means you’re face to face with not a solid cardboard tube, but a 12”-18” roll of heavy paper that doubles as a tube.

7 Things to do with wrapping paper centers - choosetothrive.blogspot.com

Who cares, right?

Wrap the dang present and toss the faux-tube, right?

Wait! Don’t toss that!

I’ve got SEVEN reasons to hang onto to that wrapping paper center.

7 Things to do with wrapping paper centers - choosetothrive.blogspot.com

And to make all of them easier, do yourself a favor and reroll that paper width-wise instead of length-wise—it’s much easier to store.  While you’re at it, roll several together to keep all of it in one, neat spot.

#1 – Get Your VonTrapp On

7 Things to do with wrapping paper centers - choosetothrive.blogspot.com

Neighbor gifts, presents or any of your “favorite things” look snazzy with minimal effort or cost.

#2 – Paper Crafts

The natural color and subtle texture are great for cards and art projects without the premium craft store price. 

#3 – Make stencils and patterns for craft projects

This paper’s heavier than regular craft paper and holds it’s shape better. Sewing patterns hold up better and stencils have less bleed through from paint or marker.

#4 – Wrap Shipping Boxes

This heavy weight holds up like a champ in the mail and post office types adore it.

#5 – Protect Your Work Spaces

7 Things to do with wrapping paper centers - choosetothrive.blogspot.com

Painting, coloring and gluing projects just got a whole lot neater. And unlike newspaper, there’s not risk of paint soaking through.

#6 - Protect Breakables

Skip the flimsy paper towels and cut squares to layer in between holiday plates and serving platters. This paper is both pliable and thick enough to protect dishes from scratching and moving when stacked.

#7 – Line Pet Cages and Kennels

Thicker is always better here. Always.


So …

Left-over wrapping paper center?

7 Things to do with wrapping paper centers - choosetothrive.blogspot.com

It’s What-Not-To-Toss this holiday weekend!


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  1. Thanks for the great tips! Hope your babies are all on the mend soon xx

  2. As usual you are a gold mine of ideas :) Hope the kids are feeling better

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    Yüz Germe

  4. Sorry to hear that your crew was ill. Great ideas and great pics. Jennifer

  5. We cut that tupe into 1/4 or 1/3 then use it to protect the other wrapping paper. Makes a paper band around the other papers to help protect it from unraveling, and getting Christmas krinkled. ha They usually take 2 per roll. My paper looks a lot better. Also can use toilet paper tubes cut vertically up.

  6. Great Nike. My son seems to think they look like swords. Also the kids used them to color on and create pictures. Sorry to hear about sick kiddos!!

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